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Watching TV at Home

Movies for Women

Who doesn't like a good movie!? But did you ever critically look at the movies we consume and how they influence us?

The other day we watched the documentary "This changes everything" on Netlflix. This documentary from 2018 shines a light on how women within Hollywood face gender inequality and underrepresentation , and how this negatively impacts our culture today.

Its time to make a change and be more critical of what we watch and what we show our kids. We are not saying only watch movies that pass the Bechdel test, but maybe keep an open mind and include more movies that do pass the test.

How does a movie pass the Bechdel test?
Just ask these 3 questions:

Does the movie has at least two named females in it?

Does these women talk to each other?

Cute Girl

Do they talk about something else than man?

While it seems like a pretty simple and straight-forward test, it’s shocking how many films don’t pass it. 

"While the test isn’t perfect, it does encourage us to consider how women are presented in media in relation to their male counterparts. The Bechdel-Wallace Test doesn’t fix the problem. Instead, it simply opens the door to broader discussions of the roles of women in front of and behind the scenes. When the people making the content aren’t diverse, the content itself won’t be as diverse. Let’s start with this simple benchmark and work together towards progress." Heather Mason  go to full article

Movies to watch that pass the Bechdel test

  •  Eternals 

  •  Every Time a Bell Rings 

  •  Eye of the Beholder 

  •  The Eyes of Tammy Faye 

  •  F9 - The Fast Saga 

  •  Fatherhood

  •  Finding 'Ohana 

  • Hidden Figures

  • Jungle Cruise

  •  The Kissing Booth 3

  •  Space Jam: A New Legacy 

  •  Spider-Man: No Way Home 

  •  Spiral: From the Book of Saw 

  •  Stowaway 

  •  The Suicide Squad 

  •  Sweet Girl 

  •  Sweetheart 

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