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Help us to #BreakTheBias

International Women's Day 2022

This years theme couldn't be more fitting to the

current situation. There is a lot of anger, irritation

and division going on in the world right now.

And we never needed the ability to listen to

other people's point of view with an open heart

and mind more than right now.

Discrimination and bias is baked into our systems.

Research and data fails often to take into account

gender, and treats man as the default, and women

as atypical. We women pay the price for it, in time, money and often with our health. Its time we change that!

Pose at Protest

Our IWD Event

We have again a variety of informative and free webinars lined up for you this year.


Peg Beaton

teacher, counselor/coach,

and healer

author of "Healing - a Family's Journey"

Kelsey Slack

co-coordinator of the Lady Alliance

Introduction to our IWD Event

michelle and Kristin_edited.jpg

Hiring, Firing

and in between

What to know as employees and employer


Kristin and Michelle


Going with the Flow

Get to know your infradian rythm to optimize your health

with Sabrina

Online presenations

More than just asleep

New products and services

for your lung health.

with Tracey


Stocks: The Nuts and Bolts

long-term financial goals, how do stocks measure up?

with Kristen


Taking Care of the Caregiver

a pharmacist's advice to help you to fulfill your caregiver role

with Tricia

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