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Hello, I am Kelsey Slack

and I run the Parkland Chapter for the non-profit organization, The Lady Alliance. 

Our mission is to make the world a better, more inclusive place, one adventure and adventurer at a time.

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My Story

Kelsey moved to Yorkton in 2017, and began working with her husband and his family’s business, DionCo Sales. Looking to get involved in the community and meet new people, she began instructing at Inner Cycle Spin Studio with a fantastic group of women. She also wanted to find a way to keep up her recent hobby of hiking and love for the outdoors, so began searching for ways to do this.

Kelsey joined in as a co-coordinator of the Lady Alliance in February of 2021, as a way to meet new people and step out of her comfort zone in terms of hiking and other outdoor adventures. She had experience working with a non-profit in Saskatoon that focused heavily on empowerment of women as well and was hoping to bring this experience into The Lady Alliance. 


The Lady Alliance Parkland Chapter has hosted monthly events throughout the past year including canoeing, hiking, and cross country ski meetups, as well as an outdoor paint night, and a book swap.

Kelsey is hoping to continue growing The Lady Alliance community into a safe place where adventure can become accessible for everyone in different age groups, backgrounds, and interests. Her big goals for the next year are to host weekly meetups on-top of the monthly events, as well as have opportunities for learning to be safe in the outdoors, such as holding outdoor first aid courses and bringing in lessons for outdoor adventure sports. 

The Lady Alliance

Creating a more inclusive outdoor industry requires diverse leadership and

inviting, safe and fun communities full of adventure and experience. The Lady

Alliance is creating both.

Each local chapter provides fun free monthly events providing the opportunity

to meet with other local adventurers in your area.

And thanks to our sponsors, we provide scholarships that are helping change

the face of leadership in the outdoors. From AST 1 courses to full hiking guide

certifications we are growing our scholarship opportunities to help the BIPOC, LGBTQ2S+, non-binary and female leaders excel in the backcountry.

Because everyone should have the opportunity to experience education in the outdoors.

I have been running monthly adventure activities for our Parkland Chapter for approximately one year and would love to continue growing our reach and creating more fun and impactful events for Yorkton and area residents. 

visit our website to find out more: The Ladies Alliance

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